The submarines........





PC1201, with Olivier B-W, Dick Winchester and Vance Bradley, 2nd Right.



PC16 arrives at Marseille and is lifted aboard InterSub Four

I was woken in the early hours by an HGV driver, who had driven his low-loader all the way up to Chateau Bovis with the sub onboard - he then had to reverse all the way back down the road again!

PC16 in her element


Photos from Alan Walton, taken in January 2010 at the Georgia Aquarium's Ocean Explorer area, in Atlanta.  Renamed 'Clelia' by the University of Florida's Harbor Branch - but now retired, due to a shortage of funds. Thanks Alan - great to hear from you again!

The Robots are coming......

ISE Trov ROV aboard InterSub V

From left to right: Alan Jones, Emile Levesque, Tarzan, Mike Rand,  Daniel Forante, Roy Purdy, Jean Claude Jour