PC 1201 - 35 & still going strong!

PC1201 is equipped to carry a pilot and two passengers to depths of 1,000 feet (305 m). The boat has been completely reconstructed by Deep Sea Adventure (DSA) personnel over the course of an exhaustive two-year refit.  PC 1201 can be configured for a wide range of underwater tasks including exploration and research, science, salvage, filming and tourism. PC1201 has a large payload, many spare penetrators and enough stored power to support just about any subsea task. In addition, PC1201 can be mobilized to a site or vessel of opportunity quickly, easily and inexpensively.

The Perry 12 class series of submersibles have completed tens of thousands of dives under rigorous conditions and represent one of the safest, most successful class of deep diving submersibles ever built. No other single design has a track record that even remotely approaches that of the 12 series submersibles built by Perry Submarine.

PC1201 has been rebuilt to the highest standards with contemporary components and is in superb condition.

DSA are actively seeking work for the boat, which is currently in storage at their facility in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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