intersub black & white photographs

Five New Photos from Yves Fernandes, posted 15th January 2009

Merci Yves!

Christian Ries, Gerard Munschi and Yves Fernandes ~ 1976 

Name that crew! ~ Yves Fernandes, fourth from the left: Tony Miller, fifth from the right

Recovering PC 16, Trans-Mediterranean gas pipeline project, 1977

Zodiac right astern

Thar she swings!

it was mainly about dexterity with manipulators


we were great at removing wellheads, using a down hole shaped charge, which cut the casing pipe below the mudline

long baseline navigation transponders were deployed with a large sinker weight and floats

tide gauge in frame ready to deploy for bathymetric survey

sea stork aka intersub one and PC 8

sea diver aka intersub two and PC 1201

intersub three and PC 1202

PC 1202 ready to launch

PC 8 onboard nadir

PC 16 arrives alongside intersub four at marseille

PC 1202 ready to launch