Egypt and the Persian Gulf


 In late 1976, InterSub One and PC8 were deployed, via the Suez Canal, to Ras Shukheir in Egypt, and thence to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Operating in the Persian Gulf under a joint venture agreement with Swire Pacific Offshore, a subsidiary of John Swire and Son of Hong Kong, the ship and submarine were managed from the company's  Dubai office by Swire Pacific's Chris Pooley, Dave Walker and Peter Roberts.

Ras Shukheir Panorama

Cairo taxi service, via DC3 and a beach landing.


Nik Richardson, Supervisor InterSub One

Vance Bradley, Pilot PC8, with Martin Richmond, chief mechanic on his left.

On charter to GUPCO, and operating out of their Ras Shukheir logistics base, a number of dives were undertaken in the vicinity of mobile jack-up workover rigs, around which the sea floor was littered with junk. Under the capable hands of Pilot Tony Miller, PC8 was able to safely extricate herself from several entanglements with rope and netting.


Close to one dive site, the seafloor was littered with amphora. Fearful of damaging them with the sub's manipulator, our ship's diver descended and safely secured them to a buoy line, for later recovery and presentation to the client. I took the above photographs with my Olympus OM2 SLR camera, synchronised with the sub's external strobe. 

Bidding farewell to Egypt, InterSub One transited the Red Sea, passing through the Bab el Mandeb, Gulf of Aden and Straits of Hormuz, before  entering the Persian Gulf and docking in Dubai Creek, where she was welcomed by the Swire Pacific team.



               Chris Pooley                                             Peter Roberts                            

InterSub one made friends wherever she went..... 


The first thing we did on reaching Dubai was throw a party, with the Intercontinental Hotel providing the goodies.


PC8 made a fitting backdrop to the festivities and soon, Pilot Vance Bradley demonstrated her underwater capabilities to the pretty young wife of the Swedish Consul, seen here smiling into my camera.  Come to think of it.......they did seem to spend an awfully long time down there on the seabed........Dick Winchester would probably have taken less time.........

The press were kind and we even made it onto local TV.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid al Maktoum

Somewhat hungover after a rather boozy Monopoly party at the Swire Bungalow, Mac the amiable Hong Kong Chinese houseboy woke me with a smile and a glass of orange juice and a message that I was to brief the Defence Minister, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, at defence headquarters in one hour. His Highness, a Sandhurst graduate, listened intently to my presentation, showed a keen interest in our submarine activities and wished us well.