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I am am extremely grateful for these superb photographs, kindly sent to me by Jim Kelly.

Nick Messinger May 2016

Jim Kelly, Oceaneering International, Lockout Diver PC1202

May 1977

"I knew it was just going to be a photo op day so I put my SLR camera into auto mode and gave it to my dive supervisor to take along and asked him to take some pics that day," Jim Kelly.

The photographed was featured in Popular Mechanics magazine, in March 1980.

InterSub Three and the Diver Lockout Submarine PC1202

Alongside at Haugesund, Norway May 1977


The business end...

PC1202 - off to work.

PC1202 Haugesund, Norway

Passing down the port side of HMS Osiris, Haugesund Norway, May 1977

The motley crew...

Lockout Divers - Ron Henderson and 'Scouse' Cooper

PC1202 in InterSub Three's hangar for maintenance

The Frigg Platform

as seen in this photograph of InterSub Three.......

"Dunlin-A being towed onto site. Intersub 3 was there to cut the tow chains after she was set in place on the bottom.

The tow was a big thing at the time due to her weight."
The Dunlin oilfield is situated 195 km northeast of Lerwick. Originally operated by Shell it was sold to Fairfield Energy in 2008.
The total sub-structure weight was 229,000 tonnes. 
In May 2015, Fairfield Energy announced plans to decommission Dunlin Alpha.




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